Wednesday, June 19, 2013

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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

SHHH…Don’t Say the “A” Word

Advertising is not a bad word yet media solution specialists (Sales People) are being trained to not say this word at any time while proposing marketing opportunities.

Advertising: The public promotion of something such as a product, service, business, or event in order to attract or increase interest in it. –Encarta Dictionary: English (North America)

(Updated definition by Scott McGohan)
Advertising is a public service to inform consumers of available products, services, or other. Advertisers initiate advertising with an assumed calculated risk while attempting to maximize return on investment by earning public interest to levels that delivers more money than what was invested in advertising.

Advertising is not a bad word and business owners know they have to engage in the activity in order to become or stay relevant in their marketplace. Some business owners declare; “we don’t advertise”, “our only advertising is Word of Mouth” or “Advertising does not work”.

To them I say:
·         Do you have business cards? (Advertising)
·         Do you have a brochure or menu? (Advertising)
·         Do you have a website? (24 hour interactive advertising…if not you may want to consider it!)
·         Word of Mouth is the oldest and truest form of advertising. Investing in public announcements is a proven way to earn more customers and more mouths spreading your word in the marketplace.
·         Advertising only works to your expectations when done right!

Call it what you want but advertising is what it is… It is necessary today more than ever and will continue to be well past my time. Savvy media sales professionals can call it what they want in order to get to the decision maker, but savvy business owners see a duck and call it a duck. The greatest challenge is to know how to invest your adverting dollars and which convincing sales person truly has the marketing solution that will work for you.

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McGohan Advertising offers “Media Guard” (SM) a service which includes media proposal review on your behalf and expert filtering to deliver only relevant and highly potential marketing solutions to your attention. ”Media Guard” saves you time and money so you can focus on your job…running the business.

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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Effective 12/26/11

McGohan Advertising is NOW AVAILABLE for Freelance Marketing and Media Consultation.

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Specialties include media usage analysis to ensure effective ROI with your marketing investments.
ü  Broadcast Media
ü  Search Engine Marketing
ü  Social Media
ü  Public Relations
ü  Event Marketing
ü  And more…

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Salishan's Concert on the Coast...Powered by Radio Disney

It has been a while! Hello all. 

McGohan Advertising remains active as a online resource to communicate ideas share marketing challenges and request for consultation. 

My new endeavor with Radio Disney has awarded me the great pleasure to develop, organize, and promote the above concert. I am so excited!!! Walk, Run, Drive, Fly...get out to the Coast for this one!!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Thank You!
***Effective 12/26/2010 McGohan Advertising is officially no longer taking on new clients nor continuing service with previous clients. Both founders will be moving on to new endeavors and more details will follow. We express great thanks to our clients and the opportunity to work on many exciting projects. This Blog, Website, and our Facebook Page will remain active. Our intention is to continue these forums to encourage business growth conversation and advertising solution discussions for all.***

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Small Biz Could Play Big Role in Recovery

Before the economy went haywire, small business drove much of the nation's economic growth. Now, as the country (maybe) emerges from the downturn, polling released this month by FedEx Office finds small-business owners seeing themselves as the vanguard of the recovery. And many of them expect to put their money where their mouths are by increasing their marketing efforts.

Small Biz Could Play Big Role in Recovery

Monday, April 27, 2009

As Henry Ford said, “A man who stops advertising to save money is like a man who stops a clock to save time.”

Click title for a few tips to consider when analyzing your marketing plans during a down economy.